The Luna Foundation Guard (“LFG”) is a nonprofit organization established in the Republic of Singapore dedicated to creating and providing greater economic sovereignty, security, and sustainability of open-source software and applications that help build and promote a truly decentralized economy. Through community stewardship, fostering innovation, and supporting the research and development of various aspects enveloping open-source software and applications, the LFG serves as a vital nexus of resources and guidance for an emerging DeFi technology stack.

Luna Foundation Guard and The Terra Ecosystem

A decentralized economy needs a decentralized currency

The LFG is primarily focused on Terra. Terra is a decentralized, open-source public blockchain built to support a suite of fiat-pegged, algorithmic stablecoins. Primarily, this includes TerraUSD (“UST”) – the flagship stablecoin of the Terra network and the leading decentralized stablecoin in DeFi by market cap.

Unlike other stablecoins that are backed by fixed deposits of the pegged fiat currency or over-collateralized in another DeFi asset, the value of Terra’s family of stablecoins is maintained through a system of arbitrage incentives, open market operations, and dynamic protocol levers that maintain robust peg stability and scalability of its supply without the centralized control or capital-inefficient designs of incumbents. This is primarily accomplished by the Terra protocol design, which, through its native staking, governance, and reserve asset, LUNA, delivers permissionless arbitrage incentives and counter-cyclical monetary policy levers to maintain the peg during periods of both contractionary and expansionary demand cycles of its stablecoins.

UST Reserve

In connection with its stewardship and support of the Terra ecosystem in general, LFG is establishing a decentralized UST Reserve protocol – a non-profit initiative to provide a further layer of support to ensure that UST maintains its peg. In an event where the market price of UST materially deviates from the USD peg, holders of UST will be able to close the arbitrage and bring the market price of UST back to the peg by swapping UST for major, non-correlated assets like BTC that capitalize the reserve. The reserve functions as a release valve for swelling pressure to exit UST to LUNA on-chain, dampening the reflexivity of the system by reducing the dilution of the LUNA supply during severe contractions and restoring the peg in real-time and maintaining an alternative arbitrage opportunity outside of the Terra protocol itself.

The UST Reserve serves as a perpetual decentralized asset reserve for members of the community. Neither LFG nor any other entity that assisted with the UST Reserve protocol profit from it.